A poem from meditations

•September 7, 2017 • Leave a Comment

Each day the Buddha faces me
Quan Yin at my side
complete stillness
her deep compassion for all
leans across a body fragile.

My heart a muscle
clenched tight
she says “Let it flow”
open to the morning dew
the first light
the sun rise
the deep blue night

Then rest well
you did your best.


© September 2017 Maria Gornell



•July 17, 2017 • 2 Comments

Everyone sleeps
I hear deep breathing
while I’m wandering
the house at dawn

they rave on about
plant based
green juice
yoga and vibrating
at a frequency above
but I’m a sensitive
intense poet
too much happiness
drives me to writing despair

and so I stalk the nights
a lover of darkness
a sleeper at day

© July 2017 Maria Gornell

Kali Ma

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Kali Ma
I call you from the depths
from the earth and bones
rise and take my revenge
extract the blood of tongues that abused
crush the bones of him who wanted my death
cut off the hands of him who raised his fists
tear out the hair of him
that willed me bald and prepubescent
who denied the glory of my womanhood
cut off the diseased pieces of his sex
that sought to force himself upon my flesh
Stamp out the misery of his existence
wipe away the memory of him
laugh at his poisonous love
cut off his evil cruel head
pull out his teeth
that revealed an evil smile
transform it all
Kali Ma avenge my character
my beautiful broken heart
my kind nature
my giving
my love
cut out the tongue that shamed me
tear out the heart that sought to
make me cry in pain
tear out the stomach
that could eat after it laughed
at my misery
Kali Ma
I call on you

© July 2017 Maria Gornell

Inner cycles

•July 8, 2017 • 3 Comments

but not lonely
I listen for the night
its blue peace surrounds me
the moon is void
all is calm,
I write poems to please myself
my audience left long ago
everything has a sell by date now
if you remove yourself from the public
hunger of blood
you become oblivious
you hardly exist,
and yet you are free.

Mediocrity is worshipped
while the wise live on
in their quiet lives
in their gardens
clutching their books
mirrors reflect only
their acceptance.

I haven’t developed this inner strength (yet)
enough to see
past all gates
in the strong winds of my desires
in my waters breaking
that I am more silent
than before
and yet I sing
I sing my own flesh
into being
I am apart of nothing
and yet I belong

© July 2017 Maria Gornell

In sickness and in wealth (Tory Britain

•June 6, 2017 • 1 Comment

A poem I write a while ago about the current welfare system. Vote the Tories OUT 🙏

In sickness and in wealth

Ever felt like a flower not allowed to bloom?
as you call out my worth in numbers
faceless decisions
the mcdonaldisation of the world
punch keys into my heart
bureaucracy through my soul life
gorge my eyes out with relentless
hammering to my bones
send me brown paper letters
signed with a death wish
wish me sickness in health
take away my power
silence my voice
scapegoat me into a box
dehumanise me
strip me of my identity
tell me I’m a drain
a worthless egg
crack my spine
and send me on journeys
that lead nowhere
give me a bus ticket
to purgatory
while you make a profit
on my disempowerment
wrap me in chains
insult my intelligence
because you can’t be sick
and clever at the same time
send me more brown letters
to reinforce my absolute
uselessness on earth
which you are employed
at the will of an unemployed world
take away my options
limit my chances
send me to a food bank
of unhealthy processed gluten
that will make me more
fat and sick
tell me I didn’t fulfill my duties
take away my human rights
this is England 2017
In sickness and in wealth.

© Maria Gornell

A poem for Imbolc

•February 4, 2017 • Leave a Comment

Deep in the belly
something stirs
a hint of life
a small flame
in the darkness
a seed
not yet ready to emerge
as our bodies
sense a quickening
beneath the earth.

Something calls out to our depths
our winter dreaming hearts
let us ask ourselves
what lies frozen
can we be patient
till the light returns?

can the sound of our own breath
be a comfortable hum
vibrating in frequency
with our beloved earth
can we wrap ourselves gentle
in layers of fresh hope

oh Its been a long cold winter of
you can feel it in your bones
In strength
we can rise up

disregarding the illusions
of words and visions
that disturb our soul
so rest now beloveds
linger a while in the dark
envision and create
a soothing song
a lullaby for our weary hearts
to rock us back and forth
till our new earth
has begun
awakened to spring…

© 4th February 2017 Maria.Gornell


•January 31, 2017 • Leave a Comment


She sheds people
like skin flushed
breath blue
gypsy steps

heard the words
long before
‘you can’t make homes
out of people’

leave before your left.
abandoners come in every
conceivable way

we learnt this on our mothers laps
at our fathers feet, in our lovers beds
at work, our teachers lesson of the day.

Love lies dormant
a seed awaiting her direction
motherless arms
legs sinking
in the fear of engulfment

Till she runs in all directions
escaping an invisible light
the mirror of reflection
the burning skies

People are not cycles
to disregard when your done.
real beating hearts
feelings, flesh and bone.

A seed returned to grace
she says ‘now grow’


 © 31st January 2017 Maria.Gornell
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