Blue nude

•November 19, 2017 • Leave a Comment

Major light bulb moments
an imminent departure
descends through fog
the scorpion kiss
the elusive trick

a blue nude in the crowd.

Here is her transition
a moment of fruition
as clarity of mind
the bird on broken wing
a song to be heard

a tone that resonates over time.

taken her morning tea
with first light
only a poets eye
revealed in the rejection
of the new age
as it casts its elimination
of critical thinking.

Moving past the negative accusations
the dumbed down music
the films that are unable to challenge
the book lain unread
the uneaten bread.

Sweet is the smell of spices
laid down in the roots
folded dreams in silk
till the letting down
of hair
lifted into the air

I watched her aged body
in stillness smile
seeking nothing but love
for this here art.

© 19/11/2017 Maria.Gornell


#MeToo Imagine

•October 18, 2017 • 2 Comments


Somebody laughed behind my
resolve; in the kitchen
bottles clanked. A hamper of 
plenty to numb her.

In the parlour with the radio gram
they played ‘John Lennon’
I imagined a different world
but what is this idea peace?

I tiptoe around. I am the baby
silenced in hushed whispers
I choke on their screams
taste the liquor
and belch
bubbles in the air.

I have a room
a box with a ballerina
my mother shows me
diamonds and gold
this is her way
to hug me.

Lights out
I astral travel
beyond Huyton
the room spins
and shouts grow louder
I must not breathe.

He saw me in my pale
blue nightie
floating; said I existed
waited for me
with some sinister kiss

the Bluebeard of dreams
till I danced in blood
then sacrificed my meat.

Quiet woman, He said
then left.

© 18/10/2017 Maria.Gornell

Moon and moon

•October 5, 2017 • 2 Comments

‘This is a repost of an older poem for this evenings Harvest moon.’

At night; I am small curved
into ball of flame,
silhouette an outline of blue
grey hues.

I die between the impacts of crater
2 celestial bodies crush my
breath between words.They tell me I’m psychotic
control your self
as I gravitate towardsThe wild within..

Thick clots of blood
fall from cervix

my belly full
breasts large luminous
beacons on earth

Moon and moon
circulate these emotions

I am believer
giver of birth

expanding from chaos
breathing in transformation

My flame soaring the skies
Woman I am huntress
Hear me now (howl)
For something must die
to allow
my rebirth..

© 2010 Maria.Gornell

Anima mundi

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In moments of grief
sinking backwards
through some false 

Falling like yellow and golds
all the colours of my longing
to be less invisible
for the light to catch
the dullness of my eyes

I am in this poem
breathing and drowning
I can no longer hide
behind my words.

All these dangerous yearnings
so natural like the death
between my legs
the sacrifice of my blood

and he that anima loiters
a volatile energy he calls
it love and I laugh
in some absurdity.

Outside in cold air
fatigued; bone tired
age creeps the wasted
years of being sold
a fantasy.

Frank Ocean song
soothes the vacant blue
coat – empty cups
of yearning connection

as the insanity of the world

© October 2017 Maria Gornell

A poem from meditations

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Each day the Buddha faces me
Quan Yin at my side
complete stillness
her deep compassion for all
leans across a body fragile.

My heart a muscle
clenched tight
she says “Let it flow”
open to the morning dew
the first light
the sun rise
the deep blue night

Then rest well
you did your best.


© September 2017 Maria Gornell


•July 17, 2017 • 2 Comments

Everyone sleeps
I hear deep breathing
while I’m wandering
the house at dawn

they rave on about
plant based
green juice
yoga and vibrating
at a frequency above
but I’m a sensitive
intense poet
too much happiness
drives me to writing despair

and so I stalk the nights
a lover of darkness
a sleeper at day

© July 2017 Maria Gornell

Kali Ma

•July 15, 2017 • 3 Comments

Kali Ma
I call you from the depths
from the earth and bones
rise and take my revenge
extract the blood of tongues that abused
crush the bones of him who wanted my death
cut off the hands of him who raised his fists
tear out the hair of him
that willed me bald and prepubescent
who denied the glory of my womanhood
cut off the diseased pieces of his sex
that sought to force himself upon my flesh
Stamp out the misery of his existence
wipe away the memory of him
laugh at his poisonous love
cut off his evil cruel head
pull out his teeth
that revealed an evil smile
transform it all
Kali Ma avenge my character
my beautiful broken heart
my kind nature
my giving
my love
cut out the tongue that shamed me
tear out the heart that sought to
make me cry in pain
tear out the stomach
that could eat after it laughed
at my misery
Kali Ma
I call on you

© July 2017 Maria Gornell

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